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Here at Experience Ibogaine we take an interest in each individual life that comes though our door. Not only do we want each patient to have a safe and secure Ibogaine treatment, we also want them to have a relaxing, enjoyable, and productive time while staying at our clinic. Our staff takes pride in providing both a safe and fun experience for each patient.

Aeden Smith-Ahearn
Aeden, Treatment Coordinator
As treatment coordinator for Experience Ibogaine, I enjoy helping individuals find freedom from addiction. I was myself an addict for years and just when I was about to give up I found Ibogaine. My Ibogaine treatment was a huge success and ever since that day I have devoted my life to helping others find freedom through Ibogaine. Although Ibogaine cannot force you to change, it can give you a head start unlike any other treatment for addiction in the world.

Dr. Yareli Reyes Goméz, M.D.
Dr. Yareli Reyes Goméz, M.D.
I graduated medical school in 2015. Since then, I have spent much of my time training side by side with all of our senior medical staff at Experience Ibogaine. I’m amazed at not only the physical changes in the people we treat, but also the psychological and behavioral improvements in every individual. The way Experience Ibogaine combines professional medical procedures with personalized care for our guest is fascinating, and I am excited to be a part of this amazing medical team.

Dr Carlos Silva
Dr. Carlos MD.
I studied medicine at the University of Baja California where I specialized in Internal Medicine. I have now been practicing Internal Medicine for 7 years.
I’m currently the head if Internal Medicine at the Rosarito State Hospital, I’ve always felt passionate about saving lives, that’s why I do for a living. When I learned about Ibogaine 6 years ago, I discovered what an amazing alternative to treating dependencies this actual was. I’ve seen firsthand the powerful transformation Ibogaine has on people. As a physician, safety if my number one concern, that’s why we pride ourselves on screening patients thoroughly. We go above and beyond and take all the necessary steps to ensure our guestrs are physically and mentally fit to go through the Ibogaine experience.

Mayra de Anda, RN.
Mayra de Anda, RN.
I first learned about Ibogaine 4 years ago, I had the opportunity to see firsthand the incredible effects it has on the body and mind of someone who is struggling with addiction and wants to liberates themselves from it. I’ve always been driven to help people; helping our guests during their Ibogaine treatment enables me to do so. It’s different than doing conventional hospital work; this is an opportunity to help change someone’s life.
In the last 5 years I have assisted in the treatment of over 1,000 patients. Ibogaine is effective. It completely eliminates withdrawal and is truly life changing. I had the opportunity to personally try Ibogaine as well. I wanted to explore the spiritual aspect of it and have a better understanding of what our patients go through during treatment. I feel like I can relate better to them after going through this myself, and that makes a difference in how I relate to our guests here at Experience Ibogaine.

Jonathan Delgado, Assistant Nurse
Jonathan Delgado, Assistant Nurse and Caregiver
I have been working as a caregiver and assistant nurse in the Ibogaine treatment field for 4 years. It is my job to ensure our guests’ health is in the best possible condition in order to receive an effective treatment. I am also responsible for helping to monitor them during the duration of their stay. I take great pride in the work we do at Experience Ibogaine, our greatest achievement has been making sure our guests are safe and comfort during their entire stay.

Aroldo Renteria Quezada, EMT
Aroldo Renteria Quezada, EMT
I trained to become an EMT at the Red Cross where we are constantly exposed to critical medical situations. Now, at Experience Ibogaine, I get to work with our patients and be there for them every step of the way on their journey to recovery.

Fritz Lubin Paredes, RN / EMT
Fritz Lubin Paredes, RN / EMT
I decided to study nursing because I’ve always enjoyed helping and serving others. I was in the nursing field for more than 15 years before I found out about Ibogaine.
Since then I have become heavily involved in the Ibogaine Treatment process and made it my personal mission to serve and connect with people who suffer from addiction. I am their biggest supporter. I want to cheer every addict forward. You can do it!

Ismael Andrade, Counselor
Ismael Andrade, Counselor
I´ve been involved in drug counseling for over 10 years, I consider it a great honor to be able to work with people who seek recovery; whether in a traditional or non-traditional way.
In my years in this field, I’ve learned that there’s no one way to recovery, we have to think out of the box. Finding the right method that works for you is what matters.

Martin González, Executive Chef
Martin González, Executive Chef
I’ve been a Chef for over 20 years, it is my greatest passion. I take pride in the high quality meals, hand picked fruits and vegetables, and everything our guests enjoy here at Experience Ibogaine.

Ivan Torres, Chef
Martin González, Executive Chef
I´ve been working around Ibogaine for over 3 years, the best part of my work is getting to know our patients. I learn from everyone who stays here at Experience Ibogaine. I love to prepare their favorite dishes and also introduce them to authentic Mexican cuisine, as well as anything else they want of course!

Ma. Luisa Jaramillo, House keeping
Ma. Luisa Jaramillo, House Keeping
I´ve been working around Ibogaine for 3 years and have seen hundreds of people come back from the shadows of addiction. I like to think my work plays a role in their recovery, I love to help and serve other. I’ve realized Ibogaine is a great opportunity for people who want to change. It’s wonderful to see their eyes after they do treatment, it is like their reborn. It is wonderful to see their experiences and help give back in any way I can.

Jorge Sánchez, Maintenance
Jorge Sánchez, Maintenance
I myself have battled addiction and I can relate to anyone who suffers with it. I believe everyone deserves a second chance, which is why I enjoy working here.
In my case, getting clean took 15 years but it was all worth it. I’ve been sober for all this time, 15 years! That’s something I never thought I would achieve. Working here reminds me of the hard work I have put in and that being clean is more than a possibility.

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