Meet Our Staff

Here at Experience Ibogaine, we take an interest in each individual life that comes though our doors. Not only do we want each patient to have a safe and secure Ibogaine treatment, we also want them to have a relaxing, enjoyable, and productive time while staying at our clinic. Our staff takes pride in providing both a safe and effective experience for each patient.

Joseph, Treatment Coordinator

Joseph Experience Ibogaine“As a treatment Coordinator for Experience Ibogaine, I find many of those I talk to have a similar story to me.

“After a painful 12 year addiction to prescription pain medication, I began looking for a better alternative to break it, nothing really seemed to work.”

“I found Ibogaine and it was the only thing that actually helped me break my addiction. I began learning more about plant medicine and all the benefits it offers. I am so thankful to be helping those struggling with addiction to find sobriety through Ibogaine treatment.”

Aeden, Treatment Coordinator

Aeden Experience Ibogaine 2“As a treatment coordinator for Experience Ibogaine, I enjoy helping individuals find freedom from addiction.

“I was myself an addict for years and just when I was about to give up I found Ibogaine.

“My Ibogaine treatment was a huge success and ever since that day I have devoted my life to helping others find the same success that I found.

“Although Ibogaine cannot force you to change, it can give you a head start unlike any other treatment for addiction in the world.”

Dr. Paul Casillas, MD. – Head Medical Practitioner

Dr. Paul Casillas MD.Dr. Casillas is one of the most experienced Ibogaine medical practitioners in the world. For over 10 years he has specialized in treating addiction with Ibogaine.

He started years ago with many of the original Ibogaine clinics, helping them successfully undergo Ibogaine treatments with medical supervision.

Since then, he has helped treat thousands of addicts with Ibogaine . With his hand selected medical team, Dr. Casillas’ emphasis on safety is never compromised.

From Dr. Paul Casillas:

“I obtained my medical degree from the Baja California Autonomous University. My experience is mainly in ER medicine, including continuous training and certification from the American Heart Association in advanced trauma and cardiovascular life support.

“I’ve been treating patients with Ibogaine for more than 10 years. I have found it to be the only real cure for addiction in my opinion.

“I’m still amazed at how people change after they experience treatment–and I can see it in their eyes.

“Patients often come in looking haggard, depressed, and devastated–like they’ve lost all hope. Then, after only one day, everything changes.

“For me, that’s the reason I love doing this, I get the opportunity to help someone change their life.

“There is nothing quite like Ibogaine.”

Dr. Yareli, M.D.

Dr. Yareli Reyes Goméz, M.D.“I graduated medical school in 2015. Since then, I have spent almost every day working with Ibogaine and our patients to help them have the most comfortable and successful Ibogaine treatment experience.

“I’m amazed at not only the physical changes in the people we treat, but also the psychological and behavioral improvements in almost every individual.

“The way Dr. Casillas and Experience Ibogaine have combined professional, medical procedures with personalized care for our guests is fascinating and I am excited to be a part of this amazing medical team.”

Nurse Mayra, RN.

Mayra de Anda, RN.“I first learned about Ibogaine 4 years ago, I had the opportunity to see firsthand the incredible effects it has on the body and mind of someone who is struggling with addiction.

“I’ve always been driven to help people–helping our guests during their Ibogaine treatment enables me to do this every day.

“It’s different than doing conventional hospital work. This is an opportunity to help change someone’s life completely.

“In the last 5 years I have assisted in the treatment of thousands of patients. Ibogaine is effective. It completely eliminates withdrawal and is truly life changing.

“I had the opportunity to personally try Ibogaine as well. I wanted to explore the spiritual aspect of it and have a better understanding of what our patients go through during treatment.

“I feel like I can understand what our guests go through much better after going through this myself, and that makes a difference in how I relate to our guests here at Experience Ibogaine.”

Nurse Jonathan, Assistant Nurse and Caregiver

Jonathan Delgado, Assistant Nurse and CG“I have been working as a caregiver and assistant nurse in the Ibogaine treatment field for 4 years.

“It is my job to ensure our guests’ health is in the best possible condition in order to receive an effective treatment.

“I am also responsible for helping to monitor them during the duration of their stay. I take great pride in the work we do at Experience Ibogaine.

“Our greatest achievement has been making sure our guests are safe and comfortable during their entire stay.”

Jenn, Treatment Specialist

Jenn Keeley“I have been interested in Ibogaine for years. After a few of my friends went through severe addiction, many of them found Ibogaine.

“Since then, I have been devoting much of my time to helping addicts find addiction treatment.

“I love the work I am able to do and I feel so blessed that I can be a part of the Ibogaine movement that so many people need right now.”

Patricia, Coordinator

patricia evans“My story doesn’t seem to be much different from others. After my brother went through so many different traditional rehab centers he found Ibogaine.

“Since then, my life has revolved around educating and working with those who struggle with addiction. I know that there are many paths and Ibogaine is just one of them.

“But Ibogaine is a powerful plant medicine. And I believe that, like other healing plants, Ibogaine has been given to us from Mother Nature herself to help us find the strength that already exists within us.”

Ivan, Chef

Ivan Torres, Chef“I´ve been working around Ibogaine for over 3 years.

“The best part of my work is getting to know our patients. I learn from everyone who stays here at Experience Ibogaine.

“I love to prepare their favorite dishes and also introduce them to authentic Mexican cuisine, as well as anything else they want of course!”