experience ibogaine treatment centersIt’s not always easy sending yourself or your loved one on a plane down to Mexico and spending hard earned money on a drug treatment that you have probably heard little about.

Hi, my name is Aeden and I’ve been there. I was a heroin addict and using countless other drugs since I was a teenager. I was shipped around for years by my family to different rehab centers trying to get clean. Nothing really worked.

Finally, on a prayer, in 2012, we took a chance on Ibogaine treatment. My dad told me it was the last straw, they couldn’t take any more.

Ibogaine treatment made me accept myself, my challenges, and the things I had done to those around me. You an read my full story here but needless to say it changed my life. It got me clean. It worked. And I have been improving myself and dedicated to helping others ever since.

Why Choose Us?

The real question is, why this clinic? Why choose Experience for Ibogaine treatment? The real reason is just that, Experience.

Not only does the clinic offer the safest possible Ibogaine treatment options, from medical doctors that have treated hundreds and hundreds of patients, to full nursing and hospital staff here at all times during treatments. We also offer you a new family.

I still talk to many of the people I went through treatment with, they are my brothers and sisters. We want to offer you that same experience. An Ibogaine experience with a new family. We want you to become a part of our family, from getting clean to moving on with a new life, and we want you to do it in the safest possible environment.

This is why our clinic offers the most reasonable Ibogaine treatment cost, as well as the most comfortable and elegant housing accommodations for our patients. We want your time at Experience to be life changing.

So give me a call personally and let’s start on a new life together.

Treatment Coordinator