ibogaine heroin treatmentMother Nature has a silver bullet for treating heroin addiction, and it’s called Ibogaine.

This plant from central Africa is tailor made to help addicts reduce or even eliminate heroin withdrawal and reset addiction.

Too good to be true, right?

It’s ok if you have a heavy dose of skepticism.

All these Ibogaine clinics want you to travel to Mexico to take a drug that is outlawed in the USA to treat your addiction & dependence.

And the promise of being completely clean in 5-7 days?

It all sounds sketchy.

But if it is true then what?

It would be life changing.

Well, take a look at the other options?

The USA Treatment Model

In the USA we revolve our system around AA.

Almost every rehab center in the USA uses AA or some form of the AA model.

Basically, that means group meetings and going to a rehab center for 30+ days.

This is from a book called The Sober Truth. It’s about the USA drug treatment system.

“Peer-reviewed studies peg the success rate of AA somewhere between 5 and 10 percent.”

I would say this is shocking but you have probably seen it for yourself.

When rehab doesn’t work we just send our addicts to another rehab.

And another.

And another.

It’s the equivalent of smashing our heads against a brick wall and hoping something happens.

For those it works for that’s great, but there are so many it doesn’t work for.

And with a 286% increase in heroin-related overdose deaths in the last ten years we really need more treatment options.

Heroin addicts need more options on their road to recovery.

So, what about this Ibogaine treatment?

The Discovery of Ibogaine for Heroin Addiction

Maybe you have known about Ibogaine for a while, but chances are you haven’t.

Why is it so new to everyone in the world?

Most likely it’s because it is illegal in the USA.

It became illegal in the 1970s when all psychedelics were lumped together and thrown out by the FDA.

Ibogaine wasn’t exactly a “fun” drug so very few people knew about it.

But one person is really important in the science of Ibogaine.

His name is Howard Lotsof.

Back in the 1960s Lotsof had a friend who was a scientist that gave him some Ibogaine to try.

Being adventurous he decided to go for it.

There is one thing that should be mentioned, Lotsof was addicted to heroin.

After an intense all night experience with Ibogaine, Lotsof started to realize that he didn’t crave heroin.

The next day, no cravings.

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Then the next day.

And the next.

Eventually he realized his cravings for heroin were gone and he was beginning to signs of recovery. So, he decided to try it on a few of his friends who were also heavy heroin addicts.

And he began to learn that the results were the same.


The Science: Ibogaine and Heroin Withdrawal

So, why does Ibogaine work this way?

The truth is, we don’t really know the whole story.

And since Ibogaine is illegal in the USA there hasn’t been massive clinical testing to find out why it works.

But scientists and doctors have some general ideas.

Ibogaine works like a reset button.

It targets the areas of the brain that cause addiction and dependence.

Ibogaine goes into these central parts of the brain and changes the brain back to the way it was before the addiction.

This is an intense process.

It can take the brain years to do this on its own. But, for some reason, we have a natural medicine that can do this in 24 hours.


But Ibogaine doesn’t just treat the heroin addiction on a physical level. There is also an emotional component that is a huge part of addiction.

Ibogaine and Emotional Trauma

Most addiction specialists agree that addiction stems from trauma.

It could be something major or something minor.

And sometimes the addict is unaware of this trauma.

But some kind of trauma exists, and the addiction helps to cover it up.

Ibogaine works by putting the addict in a dream-like state.

In this state many addicts are taken on a journey through their life.

They often see traumatic events they have gone through, people they have hurt, and ways they have hurt themselves.

But Ibogaine doesn’t do this to scare the addict. It does this to help.

While the Ibogaine is working the addict is very accepting.

This means that the effects of Ibogaine can help the addict learn to work through these issues in a new way.

A way they could never do on their own.

This emotional release makes a huge difference, especially when coupled with the physical healing.

Through this process the addict is able to accept traumatic past experiences, the hurt they have caused themselves and others, and deal with these negative emotions.

We call this years of therapy in one session.

Starting Fresh – Free From Addiction

Working on both the physical and the emotional level, Ibogaine makes a huge impact in overcoming the heroin addiction.

For someone who wants to change, but is struggling to make that change, this gives them a real chance at success.

By removing both the physical and the emotional barriers that are in the way, the heroin addiction can be beaten.

This addiction that has been so strong, that had a death-grip, that seemed almost impossible to overcome is broken during the Ibogaine experience treatment.

And the addict is able to make their own decisions about whether to continue their addiction or not.

A decisions they were never able to make before.

Ibogaine is not going to force you to stop using heroin or opiates. However, it will give you the opportunity to make that decision on your own.

When you are going through major withdrawal symptoms, it is hard to stop using.

When you have deep emotional scars that you want to keep buried, it is hard to stop using.

It is so hard to stop using.

So, will Ibogaine work for you?

Almost every patient that comes through our doors leaves with a dramatic reduction or elimination of heroin withdrawals or physical symptoms.

But the individual has to make the decision to make the change permanent.

This is why our treatment program not only provides addicts with Ibogaine treatment, but with counseling and other tools necessary to stay clean after they leave our clinic.

Ibogaine will give you the window for success, we will give you the tools for recovery.

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