Ibogaine for Depression and Mental Health

Ibogaine for DepressionIbogaine is best known for its success in treating addiction. However, it is also a very powerful healer for depression, anxiety, and even PTSD. Because Ibogaine targets trauma and brain function, those who suffer have found significant relief through Ibogaine treatment.

Often, the mainstream treatment for depression and mental health is often a regiment of medications with major side effects. Because of this, many who suffer are looking for alternative methods to treat the problem, not band-aid solutions like pills. This is why psychedelic medicine’s, like Ibogaine, have started becoming so popular.

The first level that Ibogaine works on is the psychological.

Treating the Psyche


Often one major reason for depression is overactivity in brain. This means that someone who is depressed is often overly involved in self-reflection, to a point where it becomes debilitating. Add trauma to this and we find reasons for anxiety and PTSD.

It has been shown that psychedelics work inside this self-reflective area of the brain to slow it down. By doing this, the Ibogaine helps to treat one of the major causes of the disease itself. Ibogaine normalizes the brain function and helps the individual find a more stability in their thought process. Pills may address chemical imbalances of the brain, but they cannot address the actual processes of the brain. This means that pills are a band-aid not a treatment.


Anxiety, depression, and especially PTSD are often rooted in trauma or a traumatic event. During the Ibogaine experience the individual often explores their past and revisit traumatic life events. The Ibogaine does not show the individual this to scare them but in order to help them. Ibogaine puts the individual in a very receptive state where they can calmly deal with their past.

By doing this, the individual is able to accept their past for what it is, see their traumatic events in a new light, and begin to heal, find meaning, and move forward in a healthy and sustainable way. This is why so many new studies on psychedelic medicines are showing so much promise, they address the root of the trauma. The trauma itself is often the root of the issue; be it addiction or depression.

Many psychedelics can operate in this same way. Ibogaine may be different, but drugs like Ayahuasca have similarities to Ibogaine that are just as beneficial for the psyche.

Treating the Physical Brain

Ibogaine works on a physical level as well. In fact, Ibogaine is the only drug we know of that can reset addiction in the brain. In this same way, for depression and mental health, Ibogaine can reset the individuals core functionality.

Ibogaine goes into the chemical centers of the brain and helps to reset them back to normal levels. These chemical centers can be the cause of various mental health disorders. In fact, most prescription depression medications target this same area of the brain. However, medications cannot reset the brain the way Ibogaine does.

Although the causes for depression can vary, there may be physical imbalances that can cause the depression itself. If trauma or psychological issues are not the problem then Ibogaine offers a second physical treatment that other psychedelic medicines cannot. This gives the individual a greater chance for a successful treatment.

A New Approach

Although Ibogaine is not a guarantee, Ibogaine has a history of helping those with mental illness. There is nothing like Ibogaine treatment. It is the only drug that can target both the psychological and physical areas of the brain.

Once you have made the decision to try Ibogaine treatment, finding the right clinic can help you have a more successful treatment experience.

Ibogaine just may be the best treatment to help you stay off prescription medications for the rest of your life. It has been called “6 months of therapy in 24 hours.” And Ibogaine has offered hope to many who have suffered.