How Much Does Ibogaine Treatment Cost?

ibogaine treatment costWe think that Ibogaine treatment cost should be lower. While many Ibogaine treatment centers charge anywhere from 7,000 to 10,000 USD, we find that this cost does not reflect the Ibogaine experience many addicts get. With Ibogaine, you don’t always get what you pay for.

A reasonable, medically supervised Ibogaine treatment cost is between 5,000 and 7,000 USD. This takes into account all medical staff, resort style accommodations, private room and board, and all medication costs (including the cost of Ibogaine).

Besides these costs, there are many other ways clinics will try to hook you, without offering anything substantial in return. Let’s look at the reality of what you need for a successful Ibogaine therapy, as well as some of the reasons clinics may be charing you too much.

Medical Costs of Ibogaine Treatment Centers

Safe Ibogaine treatment for the drug addiction is a necessity. However, many of these expensive treatment centers claim to have “safer” or “better” Ibogaine treatments based on things that do not matter. Having nurses and doctors on site for Ibogaine treatment is a must. Yet, many treatment centers claim to have better doctors or more doctors. You will find that most medical Ibogaine clinics provide nearly the same things–doctors, nurses, and a safe medical environment for treatment.

What matters is that you find a clinic with a solid medical history and the experience to back it up. A good Ibogaine clinic will have a solid medical staff and a professional and seasoned medical doctor available for every Ibogaine treatment session. This should be the priority of any Ibogaine treatment center you consider.

Which Country is Safer for Ibogaine Treatment?

Some Ibogaine treatment centers are moving further from the USA. None of these exotic destinations are in countries safer than Mexico–yet the costs are much higher.

Countries like Costa Rica [more info] and the Bahamas [more info] are high crime countries where Zika and other viruses are on high alert. These areas are also more prone to hurricanes and other natural disasters.

This doesn’t mean travelling to these countries is unsafe. The reality is, whether travelling to Mexico or another location, being safe means finding an Ibogaine clinic that is private, in a guarded and gated community, and in a more upscale part of the city.

Following these guidelines will help you or your loved one have a more pleasant and comfortable experience no matter where you decide to travel for your Ibogaine therapy.

Iboga Wilderness Retreats vs. Medical Ibogaine Clinics?

But what about the Ibogaine itself? Some clinics use raw Iboga root bark combined with Shamanistic approaches to treatment. However, this is not a medical approach.

Iboga is different from Ibogaine. Iboga root bark (native to West Africa) is the raw plant, and it contains many other alkaloids. One of those alkaloids is Ibogaine.

This can be a great experience for non-addicts. However, most of these Iboga clinics or Shamanistic Iboga retreats will not take those who have been using heavy drugs such as heroin.

For those suffering with depression, PTSD, anxiety, or other types of ailments looking into an Iboga style option may be a better choice. But Ibogaine treatment is different.

what is ibogaine treatmentIbogaine treatment is process of treating addiction with a heavy psychoactive drug, called Ibogaine, extracted from the Iboga root bark. This process works to treat addiction on the physical level–by healing neurons and synapses in the brain–as well as the subconscious or psychological level-often by putting the addict in a psychedelic state where they are more accepting and able to deal with past traumas and negative life experiences.

However, Ibogaine has been shown to be dangerous in some cases.

By using a medically centered Ibogaine clinic many of these dangerous side effects can be minimized or even eliminated completely.

The real benefit of Ibogaine for addiction comes from taking Ibogaine in a clinic with a medical doctor, nurses, and medical equipment readily available. Although prescreening does in fact help keep the number of negative reactions to Ibogaine down, it is not a 100% guarantee. Having a medical doctor on hand saves lives, and you shouldn’t have to pay more for an unsafe environment.

Ibogaine is a very effective treatment for opioid addiction, heroin addiction, methadone, and other substance abuse issues, however, medical safety needs to be the #1 priority for effective Ibogaine addiction treatment. This will help minimize complications while still maximizing Ibogaine’s ability to treat withdrawal symptoms related to drug abuse.

Paying for a Luxury Ibogaine Treatment Experience

When it comes to treating addiction, many Ibogaine clinics charge people for luxury–instead of practicality. Being in a clean, relaxing, and upscale facility is a necessity. However, acres of land, resort-like environments, and high-priced diets are costs that do not necessarily contribute to the value of the addiction recovery process.

Ibogaine is a psychoactive substance that leaves you often very tired for days after the experience–which can take up to 24 hours. The majority of your time at any Ibogaine clinic is spent getting through the Ibogaine detox process. Some clinics charge more for activities and diets that you may not want to participate in.

Being by the beach and having access to entertainment inside and outside of the clinic can improve the overall experience. Having a clean and private room with healthy food options and a friendly staff is going to be the key to an effective Ibogaine therapy experience. Receiving an effective addiction treatment and getting clean and off of drugs should be any addict primary focus.

The Free Airfare Trap

Many clinics offer free airfare for patients. This sounds great, right?

This is a marketing tool that clinics use to try to hook you. What they actually offer you is free one-way airfare and they charge you from 2,000 to 5,000 USD more for it.

The cost of that one way plane ticket amounts to 200 to 500 USD–hardly worth the cost.

This is an Ibogaine treatment cost that is just unnecessary. Be careful not to spend extra money on Ibogaine treatment for reasons that don’t add up.

We Want to Lower Ibogaine Treatment Cost

The bottom line is that we want to help more individuals find success with an effective treatment for their drug addiction. Some Ibogaine clinics offer you free airfare. Some offer you a resort experience. And there are many other packages that many Ibogaine treatment centers call benefits. However, the question is, are these really benefits?

When it comes down to getting the best price for Ibogaine therapy, factor in the actual costs of what you are getting. Getting off drugs and overcoming withdrawal is never easy. If you want a VIP experience, and you are willing to pay for it, many clinics offer those options.

But make sure you are getting what you pay for. If you are looking for a complete, effective Ibogaine treatment program that offers you a safe, medically supervised treatment, then don’t pay more money for reasons that don’t matter to you–or worse, for no reason at all.

Whether you are struggling with opiate addiction, heroin addiction, methadone, alcoholism, methamphetamine, cocaine, or other addictions–we want you to get the help you need.

We want to be upfront about our cost of Ibogaine treatment. We want to make the Ibogaine experience an affordable option for treating addiction and withdrawal. Everyone deserves a second chance get the help they need–and Ibogaine is a special medicine that should be available for those who need its healing power.

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