Ibogaine Treatment Success Rate Statistics

Although Ibogaine has only been used as an addiction treatment for the past few decades, it is quickly becoming one of the most successful addiction treatments available. And, with heroin addiction and other opiate addictions on the rise, it’s important that those seeking addiction treatment know their options. But what is the success rate of Ibogaine treatment?

Ibogaine Success: A Different Approach

Ibogaine works differently than any other addiction treatment. Ibogaine address the physical and psychological issues behind addiction and eliminates the majority of withdrawal symptoms in the addict.

Traditional rehab cannot fully address either one of these components in the same way Ibogaine can. For this reason, the success rate of Ibogaine, especially the initial 30 day success rate, is much higher.

Traditional Rehab Statistics

Traditional rehab facilities claim anywhere from 30-90 percent success rate. According to the American Addiction Centers even a 30 percent success rate is too high. This is because that 30 percent success rate only includes individuals who have finished the entire rehabilitation program.

In Lance Dodes book, The Sober Truth, traditional rehab success is put at around 10 percent. This is shockingly low. And because almost every traditional rehab facility uses some form of the Alcoholics Anonymous model, addicts are not given a choice when it comes to their rehab program.

They can choose between which building to go to, but in the end almost every rehabilitation facility for drug and alcohol addiction in the United States is based on the same failing model.

Ibogaine Treatment Success Rate Statistics*

Ibogaine Success RateThe success of Ibogaine treatment starts with the ability to reset and repair the brain. Ibogaine drastically reduces, and in most cases eliminates, withdrawal. Every individual that has come to Experience Ibogaine and has completed our the Ibogaine treatment program has left with little to no withdrawals.

However, on a long-term basis the effectiveness of Ibogaine depends on many factors, the most important being aftercare–or a SMART or AA group program.

On a 30 day basis those who had not attended any meetings or done any aftercare of any kind had 70 percent chance of remaining clean and drug free.

Those who had attended group meetings or an aftercare program, after a 30 day time period, were 90 percent likely to remain clean and drug free.

On a 1 year basis, those who had not attended an aftercare program or regular group meetings were 50 percent* likely to stay off of drugs and alcohol.

After 1 year, those who had attended an aftercare program or attended regular group meetings were around 70 percent likely to stay off drugs and alcohol.

The majority of addicts questioned were treated with Ibogaine for heroin or opiate addictions.

The Importance of an Aftercare Plan

Because aftercare and group meetings have such a major impact on the success rate of Ibogaine treatment, our treatment program includes helping each individual guest setup a solid plan to attend these meetings in their local area. We strongly encourage each individual to be completely dedicated to these meetings, especially if they do not plan on attending an aftercare facility.

The success rate of Ibogaine, in the end, depends on the person. However, choosing the right Ibogaine treatment can make a massive impact. Ibogaine treatment is the only drug treatment available that can address the physical and psychological addictions. No other treatment can have this effect.

*These statistics are based upon our own personal findings, Ibogaine treatment reviews, and from in-depth discussions we have had with other Ibogaine treatment centers, and with reference to studies done by MAPS, ICEERS, Ibogaine Alliance, and other scientific groups. None of these statistics, including traditional rehabilitation statistics, should be taken as hard evidence that one way, or the other, will work for you. Only by doing your own research, finding a personally effective treatment method, and enrolling in a proper aftercare program, will you be able to find the best treatment method suited for your own personal needs. Experience Ibogaine cannot guarantee personal results, especially on a long-term basis.