Ibogaine Treatment in MexicoIbogaine has shown to be unprecedented in treating addiction. There have been countless people who have found relief from their addiction from receiving treatment with ibogaine. It is especially powerful in treating opiate addiction, offering an alternative approach that has helped thousands of heroin and prescription pill addicts regain control of their life.

Although ibogaine is known to be one of the best treatments for addiction therapy, it is illegal in the US. Some people consider ibogaine to be the most powerful psychedelic known. It’s because of this it was made illegal back in the 1960s, as the government began to ban psychedelics from a public that had been turned on by the effects they offered.

Although ibogaine was relatively unheard of back in the 1960s, it was thrown into the mix of ALL psychedelic substances and banned. It was thrown into a classification with some of the most dangerous drugs available including, heroin, cocaine, crack and methamphetamines. Interestingly enough, these are the very drugs ibogaine helps people overcome addiction to.

The fact that ibogaine remains illegal in the US hasn’t stopped other counties from setting up treatment centers that will help those facing an addiction to drugs or alcohol. As legal as it is in the US, ibogaine treatment in Mexico is thriving. Many people are seeking out services that can be found a short drive over the border. Anyone seeking out ibogaine treatment will find a variety of options for treatment centers in Mexico.

Ibogaine – A Powerful Treatment

Although there isn’t much funding for studies on ibogaine treatment for addiction in the US (due to its illegal status), there have been some short-term studies that have shown just how powerful this treatment truly is. It demonstrates an innate ability to act as an opioid antagonist, dramatically helping with the often-unbearable withdrawal symptoms common in heroin and other opioid withdrawal. It works to “reset” a person’s brain chemistry, and brings a person back to balance by returning them to their pre-addicted state of mind.

While visiting a rehab before seeking treatment is typically ideal, the fact that ibogaine is illegal in the US makes this a bit difficult. It’s recommended to learn as much information as you can about the ibogaine treatment center in Mexico you’re thinking about attending. Just as with addiction rehab centers in the US, not all ibogaine treatment centers in Mexico are the same.

While many hold strict standards, and are run by licensed professionals, there are also those that aren’t equipped to administer the treatment they offer. Ibogaine is powerful medicine and should always be taken under the supervision of licensed medical professionals. Only those familiar with ibogaine in a fully accredited medical setting should be administering treatment.

While ibogaine is typically safe, it can be especially hard on the heart. Because of this, it is vital that ibogaine is administered in a professional medical setting, handled by licensed physicians. When receiving ibogaine treatment in Mexico, a credible facility will run a series of medical tests before administering the treatment to its patients. Those who wish to undergo treatment will receive several medical exams including an ECG (EKG), blood tests, and more. It is only when it is determined a patient is able to undergo treatment that ibogaine will be offered.

Ibogaine treatment in Mexico is rapidly expanding, with new treatment centers established all the time. When choosing ibogaine treatment in Mexico, it’s important to do your research on each clinic before making a final decision on where you will get help. Most of the centers that have been established offer state-of-the-art facilities with full-time doctors and nurses educated about ibogaine treatment.

Making Your Own Choice

Choosing to receive ibogaine treatment in Mexico offers an option to overcome drug or alcohol addiction for good. While still banned just across the border, ibogaine treatment in Mexico is thriving. As more people seek out alternatives to traditional rehab programs that don’t always work, ibogaine is quickly becoming the “go-to” for people who wish to overcome their substance abuse issues for good.

The fact that ibogaine is illegal in the US shouldn’t deter anyone from receiving this treatment that works like nothing else to overcome addiction. There are those who have seen how well this powerful psychedelic substance from Africa works. And they are determined to help as many people as they can. Ibogaine treatment in Mexico offers a way out of addiction and gives people the tools they need (both physically and psychologically) to work through the hold addiction has taken, and step into an entirely new way of living.

We are here to discuss any questions you have regarding addiction and ibogaine treatment. Just a short distance across the US border is opportunity for a life-changing treatment for even the most severe cases of addiction. Travelling to Mexico where ibogaine is legal has offered innumerable addicts regain their freedom from addiction and take back their life.