our treatment programOur philosophy is that Ibogaine treatment should be affordable, comfortable, safe, and revolve around a team of medical experts. We work hard to make sure our philosophies are reflected in the Ibogaine treatment program that we offer. Here is an in-depth look at our treatment program and why so many of our guests have had such powerful and empowering experiences.

We want you to know exactly what you are getting when you choose our clinic. This is why we use actual photos of our clinic, coordinators, guests, and staff. Here is what you can expect from our Ibogaine treatment program:

Medically centered

Our medical staff is what makes our treatment program so effective. They are the core. At least one of our licensed medical doctors will oversee your entire treatment process. Each guest will have complete medical supervision from administration through to the final check-up. Because our doctors have years of experience and expertise, we are happy to say we have a 100% safety record to date.

Nurses on staff 24/7

Our doctors are supported by a team of medically trained nurses. A nurse is on hand 24/7 at the clinic to make sure our guests medical needs are met. Nurses are available to administer medicine and prescriptions to our guests, especially those who are taking medications to avoid severe withdrawal, before their Ibogaine treatment. This way, all our guests are under constant medical supervision during their stay at Experience Ibogaine. Our nursing staff is fun, friendly, and they enjoy spending time with our guests.

Effective Ibogaine treatment

The Ibogaine treatment itself is the most important part of your stay. We do everything we can to make the Ibogaine treatment as safe and effective as possible. Each guest will be educated on the Ibogaine treatment process and guided through what to expect. Before treatment, guests are given a drug test to make sure they have nothing in their system that could make the Ibogaine ineffective. They are given EKG and blood testing to ensure they are healthy enough for treatment. A test dose of Ibogaine will also be administered, in order to avoid negative side effects or reactions. During the entire treatment phase they are monitored by our medical team and our nursing staff. The majority of the Ibogaine experience happens while laying comfortably on a bed, under the supervision of our caring team. We help them, talk with them, and give them anything they need during this process.

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Therapy and aftercare planning

Guests are given time to meet with our on staff counsellor to discuss their addictions, their Ibogaine experience, and create a solid aftercare plan. Counseling is not mandatory but is highly encouraged. Ibogaine gives our guests a major head start in the battle against drug addiction, but it is not the end. Our counsellor is there to provide tools and understanding that will help our guests once they leave our treatment center. With proper planning, guests can strengthen themselves mentally and be better prepared to take charge of their new life.

Clean and private rooms

This is an important part of our treatment plan. Guests need to be in an environment where they can feel welcomed, relaxed, and safe. Each of our guests have their own private room, cleaned daily by our maid staff. This provides a private place for them to relax and reflect on their treatment experience. Having your own quiet and private space to do this makes all the difference in the Ibogaine treatment process.

Healthy and fresh dining options

Experience Ibogaine has a professional chef at our clinic from morning until late at night. During this time he cooks meals, makes smoothies and snacks, and provides guests with multiple dining options. We also have a range of fresh fruits, vegetables, and snacks available at all times. A positive treatment experience starts with good, healthy meals and snacking options.

Entertainment and relaxation

Ibogaine treatment can be intense. This is why we put such a focus on relaxation before and after the treatment. Guests have access to a pool, hot tub, billiards table, food, television, movies, and their own private rooms to relax in. There is always something to do at the clinic to keep yourself entertained. We are also close to the beach and local shopping centers, and encourage our guests to take advantage of the surroundings. Our treatment program is about making sure each guest has a positive and well-rounded experience at our clinic.

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