Our Treatment Program

Our treatment programA successful Ibogaine treatment revolves around a few key components: the medical staff (which includes doctors and nurses), a place to feel completely secure and comfortable, and a plan for aftercare that will help the addict stay clean for the rest of their lives.

Each of these components is necessary to get the results the addict needs to move forward.

We want our patients to be successful during and after their Ibogaine experience. Here is a more in-depth look at what makes our Ibogaine treatment program stand out from other clinics.

A Focus on Medical Ibogaine Treatment

Our doctors and nurses have years of experience in the Ibogaine treatment field. This is the most important focus of our entire treatment program. Without proper training and experience, complications can result. From an Ibogaine treatment that doesn’t work, to more severe complications, having untrained medical staff can be dangerous.

Those that lead our medical team have almost a decade of experience treating patients with Ibogaine. They have dedicated their lives to addiction treatment and helping addicts get clean. Administering Ibogaine isn’t as simple as it seems, proper preparation is necessary to get the right results. Without proper dosage, patients may not get the addiction reset that is necessary for Ibogaine success.

Also, we always have a nurse on the property—no matter what. We have daytime and nighttime shift nurses that are there to help the patients stay comfortable. Before taking Ibogaine, patients need a steady regiment of prescription drugs in order to keep their bodies from going into withdrawal.

A teamwork mentality helps our medical staff stay focused on treating patients for drug and opiate addiction, and our treatment program focuses on making sure patients receive the medical attention they need.

A Safe and Secure Environment

We want our patients to feel safe, relaxed, and entertained. Here is a look at what to expect day to day at Experience Ibogaine.

#1 Safety – We are located in a high end, gated community that is quiet and private. This way, we can keep our focus on successful Ibogaine treatments. A gated community offers our patients more peace of mind when coming to Mexico for a treatment they have probably never experienced. We want the treatment, not the environment, to be the focus for our patients.

#2 Relaxation – Each patient has their own private room. This is a big deal to us here at Experience Ibogaine. Having a place to reflect, relax, and just get away from the world is important to a healthy Ibogaine treatment experience. Ibogaine can be intense, having a place to meditate on the experience is absolutely necessary to learning from the past. Clean, private room helps patients feel completely relaxed during their stay.

#3 Entertainment – We offer various entertainment options for our patients. From TV, Playstation, and Netflix, to trips to the movies, the beach, or shopping, patients won’t feel stuck at a luxury house with nothing to do. Although there is downtime, and patients need this time to reflect, we also want to have activities so that patients can unwind, have a release, and enjoy their time while transitioning into their new, drug-free, life.

An Aftercare Plan for Each Individual

Going home can feel a little overwhelming. There are many addiction triggers back home that can be debilitating to a new recovering addict. Being prepared on how to deal with, and avoid, these triggers is absolutely necessary for the addict to grow.

We provide every patient with a plan for success based around the SMART recovery model. We have an on-site therapist that helps every patient prepare for a successful life after addiction.

It is imperative that every addict is ready for the cold, hard world back home. Addiction recovery is not easy. Being completely prepared for the worst, while working towards success, is the only way to be successful after treatment.

It is not easy to overcome addiction completely, even with Ibogaine. However, a proper aftercare plan will help increase the addict’s chances of success substantially. We have been there and we want to help everyone that comes through our doors find the same stability and success we found.

The Experience Ibogaine Program Works

Our program focuses almost completely on these three areas. We want every patient to enjoy their time at Experience Ibogaine. However, success is our main goal and, even though Ibogaine treatment can be difficult sometimes, in the end the patient has the opportunity to focus completely on their new life and make the best of the freedom that a successful Ibogaine treatment can offer them.