What is Ibogaine tabernanthe ibogaIbogaine is a psychoactive alkaloid isolated from the iboga vine, or Tabernanthe Iboga. Ibogaine is only one of many different alkaloids that exist in the Iboga plant itself. The iboga plant, as well as the isolated Ibogaine alkaloid, have been used successfully for decades in treating addictions, especially strong opiate addictions such as heroin, as well as depression and other mental disorders.

Bwiti Religion and Rituals

The history of Ibogaine dates back to iboga use and its use in the Bwiti religion of Central Africa. For centuries the Bwiti have used the iboga root, boiled into a brew, as a central part of their religious ceremonies. Healing, rites of passage, and spiritual celebrations all revolve around the psychedelic experience that the iboga root offers.

These ancient ceremonies have gained attention from citizens around the world as traveling abroad for shamanic healing with substances such as Ibogaine, Ayahuasca, and other psychedelics becomes more popular.

Ibogaine and Addiction

Since Howard Lotsof discovered the addiction healing properties of synthesized Ibogaine in the 1960s, there have been many Ibogaine clinics around the world that have treated addiction with this psychoactive substance. However, in almost every country around the globe Ibogaine has been declared illegal, even in the USA. Currently, Ibogaine is unregulated in Mexico where the majority of treatment centers exist today.

Even with the high success rate of Ibogaine treatment, there is still little hope in most countries for legal status. There are currently no major US based studies into exactly how Ibogaine works in the brain, and, without proper testing, the idea of an America with legal Ibogaine treatment remains unrealistic.

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